MAC Ltd welcomes two new graduates

In December 2020 MAC Ltd welcomed two recent graduates to join them on the journey of innovation in wireless technology.

Read on the find out what they both have to say about starting at MAC Ltd!

Joshua Acanthe

I am a recent graduate from University of Leeds with a first in Electronic Engineering.

What drove you to embark on an engineering career? When I was young, I had a deep interest in electronics and how to build circuits. This was not the case throughout my teenage years but when I needed to choose a course for university, my strengths were all suited towards a career in engineering.

Why MAC? During my degree, I learned a lot about what I would and would not like to do as a career. It was my first time programming, as well as learning about wireless communications and signal conditioning, however these concepts and skills came most naturally to me. MAC ltd was perfect for me as it combines all of the most exciting parts of my degree and applies it to the bleeding edge of technology.

Kun Zhang

Hi, I am Kun, a recent graduate from the University of Manchester with an MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I like to think of myself as smiley and outgoing, with an eagerness to learn. One of my favourite hobbies is playing Sudoku – the simplicity and complexity of filling in a few numbers on a page is really quite satisfying, and has shown me that I prefer logical approaches to problem-solving.

As a budding engineer, I definitely have a lot to learn, although as David reminds me, everyone is always learning at MAC, and I might even end up teaching others what I know! I am really excited to be joining the close-knit team at MAC, a company at the forefront of wireless technology innovation, and can’t wait to get stuck in.

We wish them every success!