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System Design

System design is the process of taking a set of user requirements and turning them into a practical product concept.

Helping you:

• To enhance your product team’s knowledge with world-class
system design expertise.

• To articulate and capture your high-level requirements and turn
these into a functional specification.

• To navigate through the array of technology options to arrive at
a system design based on a solid architectural foundation.

• To design and deliver proofs of concept and prototypes to allow
product refinement and acceptance testing.

• To support you through initial trials and testing up to large
scale manufacture and deployment.

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Electronic Design

To complement expertise in systems and software design and development MAC Ltd’s engineering team also has experience in developing board-level modules and complete products, incorporating radio frequency (RF) and advanced digital signal processing (DSP) elements using field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and DSP components.

Whether your goal is to develop a prototype system to investigate the feasibility of a new idea or to develop a production ready
product, we have the skills to conduct the whole design process
from initial requirements capture and specification, through circuit and PCB design to production and testing of the end product.

For product assembly, we work with a number of contract electronic manufacturers to provide customers with a complete end-to-end solution.

We can deliver working prototypes and complete production
documentation to ease the transfer to your own production facilities. Alternatively, we will be happy to quote for delivery of production quantities of tested and ready to install equipment.

Helping you:

• To design high quality, high performance electronic circuits
based on the latest components and design techniques, particularly where wireless communications or advanced signal processing components (DSPs and FPGAs) are required.


• To design printed circuit boards (PCBs) to support for proofs of
concept, product prototypes and final production.

• To select and liaise with contract electronic manufacturers to
ensure a high quality product is delivered at the lowest possible

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Digital Signal Processing and Simulation

Modern wireless communications equipment and networks are
very complex and a range of critical design choices must be made during their development. Getting these choices wrong can lead to expensive re-working of the product or network design as well as costly delays in getting a product or service to market. Therefore, the importance of developing an effective simulation model of a system early in its design cycle to inform such decisions is becoming ever more critical. At MAC Ltd we have extensive experience of helping our customers to make the correct design choices through the development of effective simulation models, both at a link level and a system level.

We have used our link level simulations to assist our customers to understand and compare the performance of different systems in terms of peak data rates, mean throughput and link power budget and to understand the trade-offs between different design
approaches. We can model different multiple access, modulation and channel coding schemes and examine the link performance in the face of different types of noise and interference.

At the system level, our simulations have helped our customers to understand the impact of technologies such as microcells, cognitive radio, smart antennas and increased sectorisation on the overall capacity and coverage of their networks.

At MAC Ltd we have the skills and expertise to ensure that you
make the right design decisions – first time, every time!

Helping you:

• To deliver high-quality signal processing solutions by providing
access to our world-class team of signal processing engineers.

• To bring your product to market quickly by following a structured design and evaluation approach to ensure that the right
design choices are made at each stage in the design process.

• To model the performance of your product in a wider system to
ensure that it delivers on your customers’ requirements.

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FPGA and Embedded Software

Often the most sophisticated part of any product is the software
that goes unnoticed by its user. This is especially true of wireless
communications products, where vast computational power is
needed to extract minute radio signals from the plethora of surrounding signals and the distortions introduced as the signal traverses its path from transmitter to receiver. The embedded software used in these applications must go about its job silently and reliably.

Creating such embedded software lies at the core of MAC Ltd’s expertise. Whether you require an optimised FPGA design for a complex signal processing function or an ultra-low-power microcontroller design for a battery-powered device, then MAC Ltd has the skills to develop a solution for you.

Implementing high-speed DSP algorithms using FPGAs

• Certified Xilinx design partner

• Real-time embedded software for microcontrollers and DSP devices

• Familiarity with a range of embedded OSs, including Linux, FreeRTOS, TI-BIOS

Helping you:

• To deliver a product at the leading edge of digital signal processing performance


• To deliver products that provide the optimal size, weight and
power (SWaP) balance.

• To deliver products that maximise battery life without compromising on performance.

• To get the best performance from your chosen hardware platform.

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Software Development

As a consequence of developing and marketing our own software
tools for over thirty years, MAC Ltd has a proven ability to produce
software that is reliable and fit for purpose.

We design and develop a variety of software applications and
tools for our customers, ranging from simulation platforms and
graphical user interfaces running on PCs to complex multi-threaded, real-time systems running on the latest signal processing devices.

With our extensive knowledge of the communications domain to
back up our coding skills, you can be confident that our engineers
will produce a well designed and thoroughly tested software solution to meet your requirements.

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MAC Ltd can provide access to world-class technical expertise on
a consulting basis from within the wireless communications
domain. The services that we can provide to you include:

Subject matter experts in a wide range of wireless communications
technologies to work as part of your team.

Design authority and technical management for your projects.
Independent technical reviews and audits of your suppliers’ solutions.

Technical expertise for intellectual property reviews and litigation.
MAC Ltd provides a professional, friendly and high-quality service
and it is very flexible in the manner it engages with its customers.

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