MAC Ltd to lead use case and end-node development in £2.2m Innovate UK-funded SYNERGIA Project led by Toshiba

SYNERGIA is a £2.2 million project involving Toshiba EuropeSmartiaIoetecMAC LtdConfigured Things and the University of Bristol. The project will devise, develop and demonstrate a secure endpoint-to-core Internet of Things (IoT) platform for large scale networks of low power, resource constrained devices. MAC Ltd is looking forward to working as part of this world class team and making IoT networks secure for everyone!

By bringing together partners with expertise in secure configuration management for IoT systems (Configured Things), security architectures for battery-powered resource-constrained devices (Ioetec, University of Bristol), distributed artificial intelligence (AI) and edge processing (Smartia and Toshiba Europe) and IoT applications and wireless sensor design (MAC Ltd), the partners of the consortium cover all three tiers of the IoT architecture (endpoints, edge, backend). The project team has the experience and expertise to address the identified needs and challenges in a holistic and endpoint-to-core manner.

About Multiple Access Communications Limited
Founded in 1986, Multiple Access Communications Limited (MAC Ltd) is an independent privately-owned contract research and development organisation that specialises in the analysis, evaluation, design and development of advanced mobile radio technologies and equipment. It has been serving the public safety communications community and pioneering the Internet of Things and the development of wireless sensor networks for over 15 years.

Contact: Peter Gould, Consulting Services Director,, +44 (0)23 8076 7808