Capita and MAC Ltd Delivering The Internet of Public Safety Things

Capita Secure Solutions and Services (Capita) and Multiple Access Communications Limited (MAC Ltd) are collaborating to bring new solutions to the public safety community based around Capita’s ControlWorks® public safety solution and MAC Ltd’s Internet of Things (IoT) expertise and wireless sensor solutions.

Capita will be exhibiting examples of the results of this collaboration next month at the Home Office Security and Policing Event (5 – 7 March 2019) and the British APCO Annual Conference and Exhibition (12 – 13 March 2019). To illustrate the varied capabilities of this integration, visitors to Capita’s exhibition stands will be able to experience the remote monitoring of automated external defibrillators (AEDs), which are becoming commonplace throughout our communities, and access/inspection chamber monitoring to prevent tampering and theft.

Low cost, low power wireless sensor devices, from MAC Ltd, are used to detect a range of different events (eg, access chamber cover opened, AED removed from cabinet) and these are reported and recorded as incidents within Capita’s ControlWorks®. This allows public safety organisations to deal with such incidents using their familiar software solutions and operating procedures, rather than having to use a new, dedicated monitoring system, with the associated costs in deployment and training.

Capita’s Business Development Manager, Duncan Askew, elaborated on the key user benefit of this approach by pointing out that “a sensor activation is presented to the control room operator in the same, familiar way that they are presented with any other method of contact, for example a phone call, and with the additional information, such as location, points of contact and sensor history that are provided, this will allow them to decide on the actions to be taken. They will also be able to view the incident in the context of other incidents that may have been reported within the area, for example, an AED removal may be tied in with a call for an ambulance.”

MAC Ltd’s Consulting Services Director, Peter Gould, explained that “MAC Ltd is one of the pioneers of the Internet of Things through its work on the Floodnet environmental monitoring project over 15 years ago. We have also been serving the public safety communications community with innovative products and solutions for a similar period of time and we are excited to be bringing these two areas of expertise together in our collaboration with Capita to deliver real benefits to the public safety user community”.

About Capita Secure Solutions and Services
Capita Secure Solutions and Services is the UK’s leading provider of innovative, secure, resilient products and services for the emergency services, critical responders and national infrastructure providers.

Our unique portfolio of capabilities is built on over 30 years’ experience delivering and supporting mission-critical, secure solutions and continues to develop with ongoing investment, innovation and integration.

Contact: Nick Oliver, Head of Marketing,, +44 (0)7725159067

About Multiple Access Communications Limited
Founded in 1986, Multiple Access Communications Limited (MAC Ltd) is an independent privately-owned contract research and development organisation that specialises in the analysis, evaluation, design and development of advanced mobile radio technologies and equipment. It has been serving the public safety communications community and pioneering the Internet of Things and the development of wireless sensor networks for over 15 years.

Contact: Peter Gould, Consulting Services Director,, +44 (0)23 8076 7808