MAC Ltd becomes a Sigfox Partner

Multiple Access Communication Limited (MAC Ltd) has further cemented its position as a leading player in the Internet of Things (IoT) by becoming a Sigfox Partner. MAC Ltd was an early pioneer of the IoT with its work on environmental monitoring in the Floodnet project in the early 2000s. By joining the Sigfox Partner Network, MAC Ltd has confirmed its commitment to participating in and growing the Sigfox and IoT ecosystems.

“We view Sigfox as an ideal technology to provide low cost, low power wide area connectivity in a range of applications where small amounts of data need to be transferred”, explained Peter Gould, MAC Ltd’s Consulting Services Director. “With the wide array of wireless systems available today, a solid understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each is essential in any technology selection and development process – this is where our experience and expertise can really bring value to our customers.”

MAC Ltd can provide assistance at all stages in the product design process, from requirements capture, technology selection and architectural design, through to proof of concept, design for production and testing. It has a very collaborate approach with its customers and can provide project leadership as well as design expertise. If you are working on a product with an electronics component, large or small, then please get in touch with our friendly team on +44 23 8076 7808 or via