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CatchAll SDR Units

Building on MAC Ltd’s MONITOR product family, our CatchAll units combine these with additional functionality to realise RF receiver and transceiver products ready to be deployed in a wide range of real world applications. As well as being available pre-configured with standard application software, these units can also be supplied with application software developed specifically to meet your own requirements.

CatchAll™-M2 - Software Defined Receiver

The CatchAll-M2 packages a MON4000 dual-channel, multi-band receiver in an extruded aluminium enclosure together with a dedicated base card that enhances the capabilities of the basic MON4000 board, adding, amongst other things, support for reception in the 160 to 180 and 380 to 480 MHz RF bands.

The primary application of the CatchAll-M2 is as a VITA-49 radio transport RF front end to translate RF signals of interest to user datagram (UDP) VITA-49 IF data packets. The CatchAll-M2 also forms the basis of MAC Ltd's CatchAll analysis system, a radio survey system designed to enable network operators verify the coverage of their networks. Of course, being a software-defined radio product, the CatchAll-M2 may also be used to implement a wide range of more bespoke applications. If you have an application in mind please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Further Information

Detailed information about the CatchAll-M2 can be found in the product datasheet.

Purchasing Information

Please contact us by phone or by email for a quote or for more information on the CatchAll-M2.