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Technical Evaluations

Posted on July 10, 2019

The mobile communications industry is always alive with a vast array of new ideas and technologies, and organisations are constantly trying to identify and invest in successful technologies that provide them with a clear benefit, whilst avoiding technologies that lead only to disappointment and failure. However, it is not always easy to cut through the marketing hype and spot the promising technologies.

We have a strong track record of assisting organisations to understand the benefits and drawbacks of new technologies in the context of their own businesses. We have a thorough and fundamental understanding of the concepts on which new technologies are based and a proven ability to assess the validity of claims made by equipment vendors. We can perform complex computer simulations at both a link and system level to examine the fundamental performance of a new technology and the benefits it may bring as part of a network.

Our experience in technical evaluations extends from satellite systems, through cellular and mobile broadband systems, down to localised technologies such as ultra wideband (UWB). So if you need to cut through the hype and really understand the impact and performance of a new technology, we have the skills and capabilities to help.

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