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Modelling and Simulation

Posted on July 10, 2019

Modern wireless communications equipment and networks are very complex and a range of critical design choices must be made during their development. Getting these choices wrong can lead to expensive re-working of the product or network design as well as costly delays in getting a product or service to market. Therefore, the importance of developing an effective simulation model of a system early in its design cycle to inform such decisions is becoming ever more critical. At MAC Ltd we have extensive experience of helping our customers to make the correct design choices through the development of effective simulation models, both at a link level and a system level.

We have used our link level simulations to assist our customers to understand and compare the performance of different systems in terms of peak data rates, mean throughput and link power budget and to understand the trade-offs between different design approaches. We can model different multiple access, modulation and channel coding schemes and examine the link performance in the face of different types of noise and interference.

At the system level, our simulations have helped our customers to understand the impact of technologies such as microcells, cognitive radio, smart antennas and increased sectorisation on the overall capacity and coverage of their networks.

At MAC Ltd we have the skills and expertise to ensure that you make the right design decisions – first time, every time!

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