TI TMS320C6748 USB CDC-ACM Driver

Product Details

The USB CDC-ACM Driver is a pre-compiled library that contains an implementation of a CDC-ACM device suitable for the Texas Instruments TMS320C6748 DSP and similar chips. This type of device is commonly referred to as a serial port, COM port, UART or RS232 port. It allows the simple transfer of data to and from the host(PC) and the device(DSP) via the USB. The USB CDC-ACM Driver mimics a hardware UART, but all communications are performed according to the requirements of the USB standard. The USB CDC-ACM Driver is implemented so that no data can be lost, and flow control is managed by the host as it is in complete control of all data transfers. The USB CDC-ACM Driver supports data transfer rates of over 240 Mbit/s from the host to the device, and over 160 Mbit/s from the device to the host. If transferring data in both directions simultaneously the combined data transfer rate can be higher.

Further Information

Detailed information about USB CDC-ACM Driver may be obtained by downloading the USB CDC-ACM Driver Manual, and there is a time-limited version of the USB CDC-ACM Driver that can be downloaded for evaluation subject to the trial licence agreement. The download includes a Code Composer Studio project for an example application to run on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6748 EVM. The USB CDC-ACM Driver can also be used with MAC Ltd’s MON3100 product.

Purchasing Information

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